§ 1


1. General supply conditions concern orders of goods which are accepted for execution by Mikrotech S.A. - owner of the following brands: Fabor ( and Mobiler (

2. Supplier - Mikrotech S.A with its registered office in Krosno, ul. Skladowa 9, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Rzeszow XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register (KRS) under KRS number 0000112227.

3. The Orderer - a natural person conducting business activity, a legal person and an organisational unit without legal personality.

4. General supply conditions are binding for both the Supplier and the Orderer.

5. All changes and deviations from these general supply conditions require written form accepted by both parties under pain of nullity.

§ 2


1. The conditions specified below apply to all orders executed by the Supplier, both those resulting from permanent trade contacts and also individual orders.

§ 3


1. The orders are accepted only in written form sent to the Supplier’s address or by sending an e-mail with order form signed by a competent person. Orders by electronic means must be placed to the selected e-mail address as published on

2. Each order must be signed by persons who are authorised to represent the Orderer, in accordance with the representation as stated in the National Court Register (KRS) or in the Business Activity Central Register and Information Record. In the case of placing an order by the representative, the Orderer is obliged to attach a copy of the relevant authorisation to the order.

3. If the Buyer is in arrears with payment, the Supplier has the right to refuse to accept another Order until the payment of the outstanding debts.

4. The goods ordered by the Orderer remains the Supplier’s property until payment for the purchased goods is fully settled.

5. At the time of sending an order form to the Supplier, cancellation of the order is not possible and the Orderer is obliged to pay the entire order value.

§ 4


1. All prices included in the price list shall apply.

§ 5


1. Our customers are obliged to make prepayment for the first two orders. After these payments are made, the customer can apply for a prolonged, maximum 14-day term of payment.

2. In the case the payment is not settled within the agreed term, Mikrotech S.A is entitled to default interest and charge the customer with the cost of notifications.

§ 6


1. In the case of ordering goods with imprints or embroidery (logo, mark etc.) its content, desired layout, dimensions, colours, position, and so on, should be supplied by electronic means.

2. Adaptation of embroidery and imprints made with thermal transfer technique, as well as preparation of individual artwork by Mikrotech S.A. involves additional charges which are specified in the price list.

3. After the first service is provided, all subsequent orders will not be charged with additional adaptation of the design, imprint or embroidery, unless the order differs from the previous ones.

§ 7


1. Goods are deemed as delivered and received by the Orderer at the time when it is sent by mail or courier./p>

2. Cost of delivery is covered by the Orderer.

3. There is an option to collect the ordered goods by the Orderer in person.

4. When accepting the delivery from the shipping company the Orderer is obliged - if there is any damage to the package or goods - to record this fact on the delivery note signed in the presence of the courier and draw up an appropriate damage report. Waiver from the abovementioned obligation prevents making subsequent complaints concerning loss or damage of the shipment.

§ 8


1. The Orderer, when placing an order, declares that he has an unrestricted right to use the FABRICSs (logo, mark, etc.) sent for printing. In the case of any claims made by third party against the Supplier, regarding violation of its rights by the Supplier, the Orderer undertakes to hold the Supplier fully harmless and cover any expenses needed for defence.

2. The Supplier is authorized to use the executed orders in advertising FABRICSs or his website, including the information about provision of the service to the Orderer.

§ 9


1. Any complaints about the quality shall be processed only if submitted in writing to the Suppliers address, ul. Skladowa 9, within 7 days from receipt of the goods. The faulty goods should be sent together with the complaint.

2. The complaints will not be accepted if they refer to goods with imprints without any involvement of the Supplier or if they concern any damages resulting from delay in collection of the goods. Additionally, complaints that do not meet the requirements as stated in point one will not be accepted.

3. The Supplier undertakes to process the complaint without any delay.

4. Submission of a complaint shall not suspend the Orderer’s obligation to pay for the ordered goods.

5. Supplier’s liability for order execution is limited to the actual amount of the damage incurred and does not cover lost profits.

6. Mikrotech S.A. shall be indemnified against warranties for physical defects of the supplied goods.

§ 10


1. Any disputes resulting from execution of the abovementioned Conditions shall be solved in an amicable way. In the case no agreement can be reached, the dispute shall be settled in front of a court having jurisdiction over the registered office of the Supplier.

2. In matters not regulated by the abovementioned Conditions, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

3. By submitting an order the Orderer agrees to the provisions of these Conditions.

4. Completion of the order form with Customer’s data, inclusion of the data in an e-mail or providing them by phone is equivalent to giving permission for storage and processing of the data by Mikrotech S.A. The data are stored in compliance with the Act of 29 August 1007 (Dz. U. of 2002 No. 101, item 926 j.t)

5. The content presented on website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.